Welcome to Floorbots

Floorbots are a generative 10k NFT collection running on Ethereum blockchain.

Floorbots public mint goes live August 22, 2022 @ 22 UTC

Free Whitelist Mints are available now through the time public mint starts

Mint price: 0.05 ETH

Collection Size: 10,000

Mint Site: Floorbots.xyz​

Utility: Blue Chip NFT Rewards via Dabs​

Follow us on Twitter @Floorbots #DabtheFloor

Discord: Invite​

What are Floorbots?

Floorbots dab as they navigate floors of top collections on Open Sea. They boast cautionary or fun signs as bodies and have unique demeanors. Floorbots are generated from a deep assortment of seven main traits. Key points to Floorbots launch:
  • Instant Reveal
  • Open Sea integrated
  • ERC-721 & IPFS
  • Anti-snipe Metadata
  • 100 Free Whitelist Spots Awarded

Learn to Dab below

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