Royal Dabs

Royal Dabs originate from project royalties. One-third of the 5% monthly royalties (~1.7% of all secondary market sales) will be used for dabbing, where candidates are voted on by Floorbot holders.
The Floorbot team will produce three options for holders to vote on each month. Voting will be done on chain with minimal (to no) gas costs required.
1st Sunday of month
Budget declared
1st Sunday of month
Voting Opens
7 days
2nd Sunday of month
Dabbing begins
3-7 days to acquire
By 25th of the month
Selected project distributed
Inexact timelines are provided to prevent holders of dabbed projects from front running Floorbot buys. In most cases, Floorbot holders will receive their dabs between the 15-25th of any given month.
Last modified 9mo ago